OCCUPATION TROOPS IN KOREA took over Japanese Army Bases, Air Fields and equipment including trucks, tanks and aircraft including this Japanese Zero.  Can you identify these two B-Company men ?   The photo was taken in September 1945.    Photo Courtesy FRANK WHITE.
B - COMPANY barracks was gutted by fire December 25, 1946.  C - Company to the left was under going remodeling and was saved by the fire wall.
FRANK WHITE on the right, can you I.D. his buddy ?. B-Company  1945.
Sgt. DODDS and FRANK WHITE  B-Company 1945 Seoul, Korea.
PAWLAK & GERRY CUSLIDGE  B-Company January 1946, Seoul, Korea.
Three B- Company men in front of their barracks.  Parade grounds and motor pool in background far right.
FRANK WHITE on the left (can you ID his buddy?)  standing in front of a 6X6 parked in front of the B-Company barracks.
B-Company men winter of 1945 - 46.    Can You I.D. ?? Staff/Sgt. Triplett is 2nd from the right. Frank White is on the far right.
S/Sgt. Triplett,  Frank White &  Sgt. Tolman.
Two of C- Companies finest,  JIM GOUDY and  JIM SCALISE, pictured in Korea in 1947.   GOUDY left the Army in 1955 as a M/Sgt. after the Korean War.  SCALISE made a career of the military and retired as a Lt. Col.
Does anyone recognize this G I  ?  Or remember the
happy occasion ?
#25 Can you ID these men ??
DON  BOHRER  C-Company 1946-47  Seoul, Korea.
DON BOHRER  C-Company  March 1947 SuSaik, Korea.   Don was a Driver at that time for Lt. JIM HARRINGTON.  Don would like to contact Jim.
Help I D these Charlie Company Veterans  1946-47.  Don Bohrer is on the far right.
JIM GOUDY Fond du lac, Wisconsin & HERMAN DALBY Danville, Illinoise.   SuSaik, Korea  March 15, 1947.
This picture gallery is dedicated to those often forgotten men who served with honor and pride in South Korea during the period from September 1945 to 1948.  In 1948 the troops were redeployed  to Japan. THE OCCUPATION FORCES HELPED STABILIZE THE COUNTRY WHILE A NEW GOVERNMENT WAS BEING FORMED AND HELPED PREVENT THE INFILTRATION OF THE COMMUNISTS WHO WERE DETERMINED TO TAKE OVER ALL OF KOREA FROM DAY ONE.   The Occupation Troops  were responsible for rounding up the Japanese Soldiers stationed in Korea and sending them back to Japan.   They also took over the Japanese military camps, airfields and equipment, including trucks, tanks and airplanes.   The 13TH ENGINEER COMBAT BATTALION took over a Japanese military installation outside of Seoul, Korea.   It had brick barracks and other substantial buildings which with a little remodeling met the needs of the Battalion for this approximate 3 year period. During this period some of the Battalions Companies were deployed in other parts of KOREA for short periods as needed, such as SuSaik near the 38th parallel  and Taechon Beach.

 KOREA 1945-1948
JIM SCALISE, JIM GOUDY and DON BOHRER  all served together during the occupation of Korea in 1946 - 47.  
 They  got together for the first time in 53 years at the 13TH ENGINEER COMBAT BATTALION ASSOCIATION reunion in Springfield, Missouri in October 2000.  
Don & Jim Goudy had met previously at the 1998 reunon.
SuSaik, Korea March 1, 1947.  Pictured are CORBIN, Terre Haute, Indiana,   Sgt. ALBERT WHITE,   Hinkley, Minnesota,  HERMAN DALBY,  Danville Il.  and Francis Langford. C-Company  spent 3 winter months  at SuSaik living in these uninsulated quonset huts, quite different then the brick barracks back at Battalion.  The fuel lines would freeze almost every night dropping the temperatures way below freezing in the Quonset huts.  Sweaty socks would freeze stiff as a board making them impossible to put on in the morning.  Of course this was like the Hilton when compared to  the conditions the troops later encountered  when a foxhole was all that was had for shelter.
This Korean Boy and Don Bohrer became good friends while Don was stationed at SuSaik, Korea.  Each would teach the other their language.   I often wonder if this brilliant  young man survived the Korean War. I was proud to have him as a friend.   Here he is bringing me flowers he picked on his way to school and I was on guard duty at the time.